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Fortunately, you will probably never find a Field Spaniel in a pet shop, and if you did, we would recommend that you never buy a puppy from a pet shop, as it will mean that they will not have registration papers as they would not have been bred by a registered breeder. Only buy your puppy from a registered breeder as they will know much more about the breed, and they will have the welfare of both the breed and the puppy at heart.

Being a rare breed, Field Spaniel puppies are not at all an easy thing to find. If you are interested in owning a Field Spaniel, it is likely that you will need to place an order for a puppy in advance. Most registered breeders maintain a waiting list for puppies - so you will need to plan ahead...

our puppies

We are committed to a breeding program focusing on type, temperament and soundness. As the breed is still so rare and vulnerable, we (and other breeders) are  careful and selective in our breeding program so as to advance the welfare of our beloved breed.

All of our puppies will be raised with the utmost care and commitment. They will be exposed to all the normal household noises and experiences and brought up a.o.alongside our grandchildren. Puppies will have all necessary veterinary checks and vaccinations, will be micro chipped and will come with their KMSH registration papers. We only breed from  sound Field Spaniels who have clear eye certificates ( ECVO-certificates) and have been hip scored ( Belgian Kennel Club accepted grades are A-B-C). Our main priority when finding homes for our puppies is their welfare and happiness. Always remember getting a Field Spaniel will be a 10-15 year commitment.....

If you are seriously interested in a puppy, please feel free to send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page.

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Hello,I live in Belgium and I am interested in a Field Spaniel puppy.

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